Beaver Dam Mural Festival Taking Shape

6/30/17 – The murals being painted in downtown Beaver Dam are starting to take shape. There was no rain during the daylight hours of day two of the Decorate the Dam Walldogs Mural Festival, allowing the artists to make significant progress on the 15 historical paintings. In anticipation of rain on Wednesday, some artists got to work one day earlier than planned, illuminating the images onto the walls at nightfall and sketching the outline of the mural in permanent marker. Project Leader Wade Lambrigtsen of Menominee is heading up the Dodge County Fair mural being painted on the side of Ming’s Chinese Restaurant. Lambrigtsen says they were not able to get any work done on Wednesday and in anticipation of that he sketched the outlined on Tuesday. On Thursday, he rolled out the background, completed the lettering and started on the illustrations. It should be done by Saturday depending on the weather. Lambrigtsen is taking precautions, scouting out a ledge to attach a tarp. He says “you don’t want to mess around with the rain too much because if you try to put paint on in the rain and the rain gets through it starts streaking your paint.” Lambrigtsen says its just easier to let it pass. Those who did not get the illuminated sketch outline complete on Tuesday, or between raindrops on Wednesday, prepped and painted the backgrounds yesterday. Project Leader Manfred Didier of Germany is painting the Zeigler Brewing mural that will be erected on Stooges bar. Because Stooges wall is being fixed up and still needs a coat of exterior paint, the mural is being completed on a panel that is currently across the street on the back of Water Technologies. It will then be moved across the street at a later date. Didier’s crew painted and stenciled as much of the background as the could yesterday. Once the sun went down, his crew got their permanent markers out and projected the image to sketch in the small details to be painted over beginning today.