Beaver Dam Municipal Court Could See Residency Changes

8/8/17 – City officials in Beaver Dam are considering a change in residency requirements for candidates who run for municipal judge.  In 2014, common council action allowed the village of Neosho and the towns of Rubicon and Ashippun to start using Beaver Dam’s Municipal Court, which handles non-criminal offenses like municipal ordinance and traffic violations. Prior to the change, the court had only served the city and town of Beaver Dam. The ordinance update being considered allows a municipal judge to be elected from any of the municipalities that use the court with the goal of widening the pool of candidates. Currently, only someone from Beaver Dam can be elected for the part-time position. The city generates roughly $30-to-$40-thousand dollars a year from the municipal court. The city’s Administrative Committee signed off on the proposed changes last (Mon) night and the common council held first reading. A final vote is expected at the council’s August 21st meeting.