Beaver Dam Middle School Schedule Change Results In Reorganization Of Classrooms

(Beaver Dam) A big change in the schedule for students in the Beaver Dam Middle School is resulting in changes in the way the classrooms are organized in the building. As we reported yesterday, the middle school schedule was altered this year to direct more time toward core classes like math and English while still offering students three electives. The change in schedules is leading to a change in where classrooms are located. In the past sixth, seventh and eighth graders all had their own floor in the three-story building, with some exceptions. Starting this year, the building will be organized based on departments, with English classrooms grouped together, math classrooms grouped together, etc. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says some of the students will be moving from floor-to-floor more than they had in the past. He says because of the new schedule, the new layout does provide for more collaboration and alignment in the core areas, especially in the case of classrooms that area designed for a particular area of instruction, like science. DiStefano notes that in previous years, regardless of grade level, students would move from floor-to-floor, especially with electives.

DiStefano says students will still be aligned by grade-level within the courses they are in. He says navigating the changes may be more uniquely challenging for adults than they are for students who he is optimistic demonstrate the versatility to adapt to new changes.