Beaver Dam Memorial Day Parade In Jeopardy

3/31/17 – Beaver Dam may not have a Memorial Day parade this year. That’s according to long time organizer Lois Levenhagen of the Beaver Dam American Legion Auxiliary who says manpower on the committee has been dwindling while the average age of the volunteer base has increased. In addition, she says that costs of the parade are starting to mount while the number of people along the parade route is decreasing. Another dozen or so volunteers are needed to help organize the parade coordinating logistics with the state, county and city among other things. While the future of the parade is uncertain, Levenhagen says the committee will continue to organize the Memorial Day ceremony at Oakwood Cemetery. She is hoping to get support and feedback from the community. Levenhagen and other members of the Beaver Dam Memorial Day Committee will discuss the matter with us more in depth next Wednesday on WBEV’s Community Comment.  While Levenhagen was unable to provide the exact year the parade first began in Beaver Dam she tells us that committee members are sure that it has been going on for around 50 years.