Beaver Dam Mayor: Post Office Left Turn Barrier ‘Unlikely’

(Beaver Dam) There may never be barriers installed on North Spring Street to stop motorists from making illegal left-hand turns into the post office. Following the reconstruction of North Spring Street two years ago, the left-hand turn lane that had been in place for decades was eliminated, leaving southbound motorists with a lengthy turnaround process to make a righthand turn. Signage along the roadway indicates that left turns are illegal except for post office vehicles.

The common council last month approved a resolution allowing for the installation of the barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes. However, on WBEV’s Community Comment, Mayor Becky Glewen said that installation of the barrier is unlikely because large post office vehicles cannot make a righthand turn into the parking lot, leaving only the left-hand turn option.

Glewen says the city has been meeting with post office officials but there are no easy answers. A plan to reverse the flow of traffic and enter off Mackie Street was a non-starter for postal officials. One option that was discussed involved finding a new location for the post office to lease. The mayor says another option being explored would involve acquiring adjacent land to widen the roadway around the parking lot but spaces for vehicles would be lost and postal officials are apparently lukewarm to that idea. Glewen says there are not a lot of other options.

No tickets have been issued yet but since the left turn prohibition went into effect officers have issued 62 warnings for illegal left turns. An improper left turn could lead to a $60-dollar ticket and three demerit points against your license. A second offense within one year is a $98-dollar ticket and three additional demerit points.