Beaver Dam Mayor Hopes To Exceed Borrowing Cap

10/1/17 – Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen is in favor of the city council exceeding its self-imposed borrowing cap. In 2010, the council got behind a resolution by then-Common Council President Jon Litscher to limit annual borrowing for city infrastructure, equipment and capital projects to $1.6-million dollars each year. At the time, Litscher said that over 20-percent of the city budget was being directed to debt service. On WBEV’s Community Comment Friday, Glewen told us that number is now closer to 13-percent. While the recession-era resolution was needed to get borrowing under control, Glewen says if Beaver Dam does not start investing in bringing young families to the area, the tax base is going to continue to get smaller. Glewen did not say how much she would like to borrow going forward. She did say that she wanted to see the Lake Shore Drive road project move forward in the near future. The project made headlines in 2010 when residents came out in opposition to the plan and funding was removed to make way for the new police station. Residents were concerned about the aesthetic of the neighborhood changing because of the number of tree’s that would need to be removed to make way for sidewalks, which they also did not want to pay for. Glewen says there is no need for sidewalks but she nonetheless wants residents to pay the equivalent cost of sidewalks to be fair to other property owners who have had to pay for new sidewalks. She says Lake Shore Drive would not be a complete reconstruction but would include pedestrian and bike lanes on both sides, which is helpful in trying to obtain federal road dollars. Glewen says the reconstruction of Lake Shore Drive would begin the process of establishing a biking and pedestrian corridor connecting lake front parks. That includes a boardwalk from Starkweather Drive to Edgewater Park, which has been in the city’s borrowing plan for this coming year. Glewen also talked about the possibility of a pool coming to Beaver Dam, her support of a wheel tax to pay for road and is which is working its way through committee, and also changing the winter parking rules in the city. Glewen spoke with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment.