Beaver Dam Mayor Appointed To League Of Wisconsin Board Of Directors

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam’s mayor has been appointed to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Board of Directors. Becky Glewen says she is honored to serve on the Board in these challenging times when communities are struggling with levy limits, the weight of continued decreasing state shared revenues, flat funding for first responders, and steep inflationary costs.

Serving as Beaver Dam’s mayor since 2017, the former city alderperson also served on the Dodge County Board of Supervisors for four years. Prior to entering public service, Glewen held positions managing federal grants, personnel, and project management.

League officials say in the coming year, their 16-member board will be dealing with a wide variety of issues including funding. They add that the system of funding local government in the state is broken with municipalities of all sizes facing a critical need to provide vital services including EMS, police, and fire to their community.

The League is comprised of more than 600 members, representing both small and large cities and villages in rural and urban Wisconsin.