Beaver Dam Massage Therapists Must Now Be Licensed By The State

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council this week approved an ordinance that regulates massage parlors in the city. Massage therapists are now required to be licensed by the state of Wisconsin. The action amends the “Offending Morals and Decency” section of Beaver Dam Municipal Code to include “unlawful massage therapy practices.”

Police Chief John Kreuziger says his department has received several complaints over the last couple years about a specific massage parlor in the city. The chief says state officials have indicated that they do not have the resources to patrol massage parlors and instead is asking local police to handle the matter.

This week’s action allows the city to enforce complaints through the municipal court system, which Kreuziger says is the approach most jurisdictions take. The Beaver Dam ordinance was modeled after a similar law on the books in the city of Watertown. Kreuziger says the goal is to have any massage parlors in the city obtain a license and follow state statutes.