Beaver Dam Man Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison For Robbing Marco’s Pizza

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man who robbed Marco’s Pizza was sentenced to nine years in prison Thursday. In September, Kyle Rach was found guilty of one felony count of Armed Robbery. Rach ordered an employee around 9:30pm on the night of March 20 to open the cash drawer; that employee complied with the demands. The employee told the police that Rach said this is a robbery, I have a gun and I want the money. The employee said that they saw what appeared to be a dark colored object in Rach’s jacket pocket. The 35-year-old then left with $111 dollars in cash. A week later, investigators were contacted by the Dodge County Jail staff who said Rach had just turned himself in on a probation and parole hold. The staff said that Rach had a distinct resemblance to the photos released by the Beaver Dam Police Department and noticed that the suspects shoes were similar to the ones worn by Rach while he was being booked. Rach confessed his actions to police and gave no reason as to why he robbed the store. Rach also denied that he was carrying a gun when he entered Marco’s Pizza. During sentencing, District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said Rach’s addiction made him an unmitigated threat to the public and added that it is time to lock him away. The prison sentence will begin in 2021 following his current incarceration. In addition to prison, Rach was placed on extended supervision for nine years.