Beaver Dam Man Sentenced For Seventh OWI

10/22/11 – A Beaver Dam man will spend four years in prison for his seventh drunk driving offense. Brian S. Gilmore pleaded “no contest” yesterday to a felony count of OWI and had a second felony of Operating With a Prohibited Alcohol Content dismissed along with a handful of misdemeanors. Gilmore was arrested on the afternoon of September 11. According to the criminal complaint, it all started with a relative’s call to 9-1-1 reporting that she had found a marijuana pipe in her brother’s bedroom, where he was staying following his release from prison for sixth offense drunk driving. Gilmore was pulled over a short time later near the residence. His blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit for driving at point-two-seven-five (.275). Gilmore was also sentenced to four years of extended supervision and will have his driver’s license suspended for another three years.