Beaver Dam Man Sentenced For Bank Robberies

5/6/17 – A Beaver Dam man was sentenced to 27 years in prison and must pay over $28-thousand dollars in restitution for robbing the State Bank of Reeseville in Watertown and holding up Bank Mutual in Beaver Dam ten days prior, also for additional bank thefts and a mid-June home invasion in the Town of Beaver Dam where he stole over $12-thousand dollars in firearms, electronics and jewelry. Adam Raney was in court for his sentencing hearing yesterday where President and CEO of the State Bank of Reeseville made comments towards the July 11th incident. He said the ramifications of that day have had long term effects for both his employees and the state of the bank. He says because of the robbery his employees are always on edge and has lost workers who had been currently employed or where interested in working there. The state attorney said he understands how Raney’s past and heroin addiction contributed to how he ended in this situation but does not excuse it. He added that Raney presents a serious risk to the public. Raney’s attorney focused on his client’s troubled upbringing and testimonies from his significant other which depicted the defendant as a compassionate man who has a big heart. In his own words, Raney apologized for his acts and said quote, “I am sorry for what I did not in the interest for self-preservation but because I am actually sorry that I did these things.” Judge Joseph Sciascia (Sha-sha) noted that he took into consideration the seriousness of the crimes, the need to protect the public, and Raney’s character and rehabilitation needs when handing down the sentence. In addition to prison time, Raney will have 37 years of extended supervision when released.