Beaver Dam Man Placed On Probation For Failed Remodel Project

(Juneau) A Beaver Dam man was placed on five years’ probation yesterday (Monday) for failing to complete a home remodeling project. Norbert Ortiz entered a no contest plea to a felony count of Theft by Contractor. Diamond Remodeling, owned by Ortiz, agreed to a $44-thouand-dollar project with a Beaver Dam resident in 2019. As work progressed, the resident ended up paying just over $110-thousand-dollars to Ortiz. When the project stalled eight months later, the property owner wanted to terminate the contract and have all unused materials and funds returned. The 40-year-old said that the remodel was 90-percent finished and had no money to give back. After investigating Diamond Remodeling’s accounts, authorities discovered that only $39-thousand-dollars was spent on the remodel project. Ortiz used over $61-thousand-dollars on purchases from Google, restaurants, groceries, casinos, cell phones, and paid himself $38-thousand for work already completed. Ortiz did hold a valid Trades Credential at the time. During sentencing, Managing Attorney Bob Barrington said with the current demand for building and remodeling projects, it is more important than ever for homeowners to check out contractors’ reputation and references. He added that this is also a good reminder for contractors to make sure they know the law so they do not run afoul of it. Ortiz must also pay back restitution of just over $70-thousand-dollars.