Beaver Dam Man Given Five Years In Prison For Eighth OWI Offense

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man convicted of his Eighth OWI offense was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison. John Ludtke entered a plea of no contest to the felony charge. Last month, a Beaver Dam police officer spotted a vehicle turn off South University Avenue onto Stone Street driving in the wrong lane. The vehicle was pulled over and Ludtke was identified as the driver. The officer noticed an order of intoxicants and that Ludtke had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Ludtke had difficulties maintaining his balance during field sobriety testing. A preliminary breath test returned a reading of point-two-three-five (.235). Due to Ludtke’s seven previous OWI convictions, he had a blood alcohol restriction of point-zero-two (.02). The 55-year-old was also placed on extended supervision for 5-years.