Beaver Dam Man Convicted In Cocaine-Fueled Crime Spree

11/1/17 – A Beaver Dam man was convicted Wednesday in connection with a crack cocaine fueled crime spree this past winter. Corey Landsee entered a no contest plea to three felony counts of Theft of Movable Property and had a felony charge of Misappropriating an ID to Obtain Money dismissed but read into the record. On December 31 and January 3, the 29-year-old entered the BP gas station on Madison Street in Beaver Dam and demanded money from the cash register. The total amount reported stolen was over $360 dollars. On January 4, Landsee demanded money from the clerk at Coyote Gas and Liquor on North Spring Street in Beaver Dam, and left with a stack of fives and singles. No weapons were displayed or implied. Also, in December, Landsee took a debit card from a family member and made unauthorized charges totaling over $530 dollars. The family member told prosecutors that they do not want to be repaid but rather have Landsee seek help for his drug addiction. In talking with police, Landsee said he needed the money to pay for drugs. He said that he was (quote) “out of [his] mind on crack and made some really bad decisions.” A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered and hearing is scheduled in January.