Beaver Dam Man Charged In Repeated Thefts From Wal-Mart

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man is accused of stealing electronics from the Beaver Dam Wal-Mart. Chris Cunningham was charged this week (Monday) with felony Retail Theft. An unknown suspect was caught on security footage stealing laptop computers on two separate occasions in January. Cunningham was allegedly identified as the suspect by staff while he was reportedly attempting to illegally return items several days later. According to the criminal complaint, the 47-year-old was wearing the exact same clothes as the individual in the footage. In talking with investigators Cunningham reportedly admitted to stealing the computers and selling one of them to a pawn shop but denied taking anything else. While authorities searched the online database EZPAWN, they allegedly found Cunningham sold other items such as speakers and watches that were reported missing from the Beaver Dam Wal-Mart. When an officer re-interviewed Cunningham and told him that there are many retail thefts at Wal-Mart, Cunningham reportedly said (quote) “put me down for about ten of them.” Officials from Wal-Mart reported a total loss of $2,891 dollars stemming from Cunningham’s alleged thefts. If convicted, Cunningham faces three-and-a-half years in prison. An initial appearance in scheduled for April 30.