Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association Says Carp Removal Is Crucial For Improving Water Quality

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association has collected the necessary signatures to form a lake district and the matter is now up to the county. Among other things the district would be focused on water quality issues with the lake. The district is a taxing jurisdiction that could collect revenues from lakefront property owners for various projects. While there is no shortage of projects needed to improve water quality on Beaver Dam Lake, Association President Bill Boettge says there is one project that stands above the rest: the removal of carp from the lake. Carp are an invasive species that reproduce and grow quickly, making it difficult for other fish to survive. In addition to commercial fishing of carp, here is a need to reduce spawning areas which the DNR no longer does. Boettge says carp gates need to be installed at the bays to reduce carp spawning. That would a responsibility of the district along with liability and maintenance issues, among others.  Boettge says the plan would be to apply for grants to address the carp issue on Beaver Dam Lake, something he says that would be easier with the creation of a lake district.