Beaver Dam Lake Days Two-Man Fishing Tournament Begins July 7

(Beaver Dam) It’s fishing time in Beaver Dam as the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association (BDLIA) is putting on the Best Dam 2-Man Fishing Tournament during Lake Days.  Pete Hupf of BDLIA shared some details about the event on a recent Community Comment.  Hupf says the guidelines are that it is a two-person tournament, with trolling and live bait permitted.  Any unreleased fish after two minutes will result in a disqualification.  The fish to be weighed will consist of either three walleyes or three bass or a three and one mix of the species.   Entry fees will be paid back 100-percent with the entry fees being $60 per team.  There will be a side big fish pot of $10 per person for those who wish to enter.  There will be trophies for the top three teams plus big fish with a guaranteed $500 going to the first-place team.

This is one of several fishing tournaments held on Beaver Dam lake, and profits go towards stocking efforts.  BDLIA President Bill Boettge elaborated saying that the fishermen are supporting the lake, in addition to these contributions and business support the BDLIA puts in between $15,000 and $20,000 per year on stocking the lake.  Mostly with Pan fish, a lot of perch, and large walleye, while the DNR provides small walleye.

The Best Dam 2-Man Fishing Tournament is Saturday starting at Waterworks Park in Beaver Dam.  Those seeking more information or to register can stop by the Best Dam Bait shop in Beaver Dam or register online at