Beaver Dam Lake Days Boat Regatta Registration Deadline Is July 5th

(Beaver Dam) It is time for the fourth annual Beaver Paddle Cardboard Regatta.  Bill Boettge of the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association stopped by Community Comment recently to talk about the event saying, there is no entry fee.  There are 3-person teams that are just given 5 or 6 pieces of cardboard, some duct tape, and a sharp knife to cut the cardboard with.  They just go at it and make a cardboard boat.

The event is limited to 25 teams of three with cash prizes being awarded for winning the regatta race.  The regatta is also open to the public to watch and cheer on the teams. Boettge says the event is a lot of fun for everyone involved.  He says what is fun about this event is that it is not only fun for those participating but for those watching and supporting the teams, as they are pretty innovative in the types of boats they make.

Registration deadline for the Beaver paddle Cardboard Regatta is Thursday July 5th by 4:30pm.  The regatta is Friday July 6th at Tahoe Park in Beaver Dam with the event starting at 5:30pm.  Those interested can register their team online at