Beaver Dam Hydrant Flushing Planned

7/6/17 – Beaver Dam’s Water Utility plans to flush fire hydrants throughout the city starting on Monday.  The flushing will mainly occur between 7am and 3pm Mondays through Fridays, with weekend flushing as needed. The hydrants will be flushed in various parts of the city for two weeks with completion expected on July 21. Director of Utilities Rob Minnema says water may appear to be discolored or cloudy while an area hydrant is being flushed.  He suggests leaving faucets or a garden hose on full flow for a short time after the flushing to clear the discoloration, which is caused by the dislodging of minerals and sediments that have collected in the water mains.  The water is not harmful to drink but can cause laundry stains. If the water does not become clear after the flushing, call the Water Utility, that number can be found on our website (920-887-4624)