Beaver Dam Huber Inmate Charged With Felony Escape

(Juneau) A Beaver Dam man is accused of failing to return to the Dodge County Jail while on work release. Paul Digangi is facing one felony count of Escape Criminal Arrest. Correctional staff were made aware that the 32-year-old had not returned from his shift at a local construction company last week. A driver for the Huber prisoners informed authorities that Digangi did not need a ride back to the jail and had arranged for other accommodations. After several attempts to contact the missing inmate, police contacted the company and were informed that Digangi had been fired the previous day. An arrest warrant was then issued. Digangi had been in jail for Intimidating a Witness since June and had 137 days left in his sentence. If found and convicted, Digangi faced a six-year prison term.