Beaver Dam High School Rolls Out New Mentorship Program For Incoming Freshmen

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam High School is implementing a new mentoring program that pairs upper classmen with incoming freshmen. It’s called the Link Crew and the programs coordinator Laurie Keiser says the plan is to provide incoming students with a comfortable transition that will help them academically, competitively and socially. There are 280 incoming Class of 2013 freshmen and 60 Link Leaders, about a 5 to 1 ratio. The upperclassmen get a half-credit for their year-long mentorship, plus Klawitter says it provides a community service component that looks good on resume’s and college applications. Link Crew Coordinators train junior and senior students to be Link Leaders. The Link Crew program officially kicks off at the freshmen orientation tomorrow, and there are two other mentoring opportunities before school begins next Tuesday. That includes Friday’s football game and a dance on Sunday.