Beaver Dam High School Has New Visitor Protocol

(Beaver Dam) Visitors to the Beaver Dam High School will be greeted with new security protocols. A part of the referendum construction was to install safer entrances to better protect students and staff. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the school has always done well when it came to security but noted recent national events have caused the district to look at opportunities to better their safety practices. He says a new protocol implemented this year will see each visitor to the high school during school hours must show their driver’s license. Once the ID is presented and cleared through the system a pass is printed out with the visitors face on it which will give them access to the main building. DiStefano says the goal is to keep out individuals who are not permitted to be around children such as sex offenders and those who have committed crimes against children. He says their security program can be updated with notes to inform staff members if there is a person not permitted on the campus. DiStefano says the ID protocol is meant to serve as a preventative measure. He adds that the process will make sure that the building will be a safer place for everyone this upcoming school year.