Beaver Dam Fire Officials Share ‘Close Before You Doze’ Message

(Beaver Dam) Fire Prevention Week came to an end over the weekend but the messages shared should be heeded year-round. Beaver Dam Fire Captain Chris Ackley joined us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment to share the fire service’s latest safety theme: close before you doze. Ackley says that means close your bedroom door to stop the quick spread of any fire. He says an open door feeds oxygen to the fire, creating what is called a “flow path.” Closing the door provides a longer period of time to plot an escape. Ackley says households should practice an escape plan regularly and make sure the plan identifies two ways out of every room. He says children should know once the smoke detector sounds, they should check the door and doorknob for heat with the back of their hands. If the door is hot, exit through a window. If the door is able to be opened, stay low and head directly to the closest exit.