Beaver Dam Fire Officials Give Warning Of Flooded Basements

(Beaver Dam) Fire officials are warning of the dangers of flooded basements. Beaver Dam Fire Chief Alan Mannel says if the water level rises above the level of your pilot light on water heaters and furnaces, the gas could enter the home and cause a fire or explosion. Mannel says high waters could present an electrocution risk well. He says you do not want to go into a flooded basement if your electricity is on and the water level is above the electrical outlets or fuse box. The fire chief recommends contacting your utility service provider – like for example Alliant Energy – to have them shut service off to your residence.

Meanwhile, city officials are reminding homeowners with basement flooding issues that sump pumps, foundation drain tile, and rain gutters that are connected to the sanitary sewer are illegal and only cause problems for all citizens in the community. If you have a sump pump, you are asked to direct the sump pump discharge to the street. Do not discharge it into your back yard which will only cause problems for your neighbors and yourself. You should also avoid heavy water use during an extreme rain event and that will only tax the sewer system that is already at capacity. It is also recommended that you install backflow preventers in your floor drains.