Beaver Dam Fire Department To Hold Live Fire Training

(Beaver Dam) A reminder for Beaver Dam residents, the Fire Department will be holding a live fire training Saturday. The live burn will be held at the 113 James Street property beginning at 9am and is anticipated to be over by 2pm. James Street will be closed to traffic from South Spring Street to South Lincoln Avenue from 8am until 2pm. The department has acquired two houses from Saint Katherine Drexel Congregation, the other is located at 115 James Street. The trainings will offer firefighters the opportunity to work in real fire conditions. Fire Captain and Training Officer Lee Smith says fire personnel need to feel the heat and experience disorientation and the loss of sight in hot, dark, smoke-filled environments. He says live fire trainings provide real-time, real-world experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom or simulated training. Smith says there will be at times moderate amount of smoke in the area and that the department will closely monitor conditions.