Beaver Dam Fire Department Gets Call Of The Year Award

9/7/17 – The Beaver Dam Fire Department was recognized by Flight For Life last night for their live-saving efforts at the scene of a grizzly traffic accident. Every year Flight For Life, an emergency medical helicopter transport company, presents a department with a Call of the Year award. Beaver Dam was given the 2016 award for a car versus semi accident that occurred in November of last year in the Town of Beaver Dam. Jayce Commo with Flight For Life says the award is given for going above and beyond the call of duty in extraordinary cases. Commo says this incident was truly remarkable given the circumstances surrounding the extrication as department personnel had to perform patient care when they could not even access the patient.

Jeffrey Hildebrand was the only passenger in car that reportedly drifted over the centerline into eastbound traffic, striking the rear wheels of the flatbed truck. It took 90 minutes for emergency responders to remove Hildebrand, during which time paramedics were administering life-saving efforts. Commo says to keep a patient alive for that long when they can hardly be accessed is outstanding and he says definitely deserving of the award. Fire Chief Alan Mannel says the recognition is a testament to all the hard-working men and women of the Beaver Dam Fire Department. Mannel says the accident was probably one of the most difficult extrication scene’s he has worked. Their normal techniques did not work so he says personnel had to think outside the box. Because the right people were in the right places doing what they needed to do Mannel says the outcome was favorable.

Hildebrand, who was unconscious most of the time, told those in attendance for the award presentation last night that he is thankful to everyone from every department for their efforts and for him “being here today.” This is the second-time Beaver Dam has been given the Call of the Year award by Flight For Life. The award is sometimes delivered by helicopter but the weather prevented that portion of the presentation from happening both times in Beaver Dam.