Beaver Dam Elks Lodge Annual Christmas Basket Program Returns Christmas Eve

(Beaver Dam) A Holiday event that feeds Dodge County families is returning for another year. The Beaver Dam Elks Lodge is holding its 71st Annual Christmas Basket Program on December 24th.  

Elks members will set up shop at Summit Ford Beaver Dam, off North Spring Street, on Christmas Eve packaging food products. Coordinator Rob Radig asks volunteers that would like to help with filling boxes to arrive around 8:30am. 

“They literally would grab a box and then at the front of the line we have people that have the list with the stickers, tells us how many people are in that family, and then they just basically slide down the line,” says Radig.  

“A person will put a chicken in and the next one will put in baked potatoes and then the onions and so on down the line. And when you get to the end the box is full, all you got to do is just slide it down the line and then you got back in line and go around again.” 

After the baskets are assembled, they are labeled with addresses and delivered by volunteers. 

“If you are delivering and you’re not law enforcement or sheriff or something like that…then you will be delivering in Beaver Dam,” says Radig. “Because [law enforcement] will take care of all of our rural and out of town deliveries. Don’t show up [if you are planning on only delivering meals] till about 9am and then just wait in line and we will get you in there as soon as we can get to the Beaver Dam boxes.” 

Radig says the whole process is done by noon. He says the program has provided 300 to 500 baskets each year and that recipients are referred through local organizations such as churches, school districts, food pantries, and Dodge County Health and Human Services.