Beaver Dam DPW Relocation Will Not Go To Referendum

(Beaver Dam) An attempt to go to referendum to decide a multi-milliondollar plan to relocate the Beaver Dam Department of Public Works and Parks facility failed to pass the city council Monday night. Alderman Mick Fischer made the motion to go to referendum that failed on six-to-eight vote. A second motion was approved ten-to-four to delay a decision until November 16, after the 2021 budget is adopted, so that city officials can get more feedback from the public. Options for the relocation from the southside of the city to the northside range between $10-million-and-$13-million dollars. The relocation was identified in a facilities study a decade ago to help preserve expensive equipment and address safety issues. There are three options before the council that involve moving the DPW site away from a residential area to one of the city’s business parks off Industrial Drive behind Conagra Foods, formerly Birdseye. The most expensive option is a precast building totaling $13.4-million dollars. The second option replaces the precast building with a pre-engineered building at a cost of $11.9-million dollars. The third option is essentially the same as option two with costs reduced down to $10.2-million dollars by decreasing the square footage while also using a pre-engineered shell for the building and scaling back technology. If the DPW site is relocated, the current facility could still be retained as a yard waste drop-off site.