Beaver Dam Domestic Violence Suspect Shot By Police Bound Over For Trial

(Beaver Dam) A domestic violence suspect who was shot by Beaver Dam police was bound over for trial Thursday. Richard Henke of Beaver Dam sustained non-life-threatening injuries after being wounded in the lower extremities in October.

During a preliminary hearing, Dodge County Sheriff Detective Andrew Rolfs was called to testify about the incident. Henke’s attorney’s objected to have his client bound over for trial but the court found probable cause to do so.

Authorities responded to the Henke residence after reports to 9-1-1 from a child. The first officer, Brian Linzenmeyer on scene heard screaming, drew his gun and entered the home. In the kitchen, Henke was allegedly observed in a physical altercation with a screaming woman, described as a “pushing and pulling fight.” In the criminal complaint, the officer described the suspect with a blank stare and eyes that were (quote) “black and evil.” Henke reportedly gripped the woman’s head and hair, manhandling her as she flailed her arms trying to get away while he backed-up into a bedroom. Linzenmeyer initially lost sight of the couple then advanced into the bedroom only to be attacked by two dogs.

After fighting-off the dogs, Linzenmeyer saw an empty rifle case and heard the victim screaming “no, no, no!” Henke was then allegedly observed in a crouching position against a wall pointing an “AR 15-type rifle” directly at the officer. Linzenmeyer told investigators that he thought Henke was going to kill both him and the woman, so he fired all his bullets before diving into another bedroom to reload, unaware of the condition of the suspect. Additional personnel then arrived in the home and could be heard yelling at Henke “don’t touch the gun.”

Linzenmeyer sustained bruises and scratches but was otherwise not physically injured. It was later learned that the rifle that Henke was holding was inoperable. The 35-year-old is charged with felony Threat To Law Enforcement with Use of a Dangerous Weapon and Intentionally Pointing a Firearm At Law Enforcement along with misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct/ Domestic Abuse. If convicted, the charges carry a maximum penalty of over 17 years in prison. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for March 13.