Beaver Dam To Crack Down On Criminal Activities At Apartments

10/9/17 – City officials in Beaver Dam are working together on an ordinance that would address apartment complexes where crime has gone unchecked. Police Chief John Kreuziger says most apartment operators in the city follow the law but there are a few that do not hold their tenants accountable. Last Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment, Kreuziger said there is nothing in writing right now that gives him authority to begin attacking the issue. He says it is important to screen residents and inforce building regulations. Kreuziger likened the potential ordinance to the demerit point system for alcohol regulating local restaurants and taverns. He says a certain amount of disorderly conducts or drug citation warnings would be issued, but if the problems persist, abatement orders would be handed down.  Kreuziger says if the ordinance is approved by the council, various city departments – including the police department, city attorney and building inspector – would work together to address the violations and implement penalties.