Beaver Dam Council Reviews Offer To Purchase In Closed Session

(Beaver Dam) No action was taken Monday night by the Beaver Dam Common Council after meeting in closed session to discuss an offer to purchase on the old Lakeview Hospital and nearby land where the Executive Apartments once stood. Two people were killed in an apartment building fire in April and the Third Street structure was demolished last week. The La Crosse Street hospital has been shuttered for years and several attempts have been made in that time to use the building in some way, but none have been successful. City officials have been meeting in closed session since July to discuss the fate of the hospital property. However, talks about the parcel where the apartments once stood only now surfaced on an agenda for the first time, with talks reportedly involving the city being gifted the property. City officials have remained tight-lipped about plans for the hospital. However, a recent search of real estate transactions by WBEV-WXRO has revealed a recent purchase of a parcel that connects both properties. The three-acre, waterfront lot with a house was sold by Powell Real Estate to JCW Development on September 5. The property at 604 West Third Street, just north of the hospital and west of the apartment parcel, is valued at $500-thousand dollars. The state Department of Financial Institutions says JCW Development is owned by Ben Westra of Beaver Dam, owner of WDS Construction. When contacted, Westra had no comment on the transaction or its possible connection to the two neighboring parcels.