Beaver Dam Council Formally Approves Creation Of A Solid Waste Utility

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night reaffirmed its intent to remove the costs of garbage and recycling from the tax levy and move to a user fee. The council formally approved the creation of a solid waste utility on a split 7-to-5 vote. Homeowners would see a $45 quarterly bill beginning with the adoption of the 2023 budget.

Beaver Dam’s median home value is $166,400 and that property owner was looking at an estimated increase of $170 on next their tax bill, for the city portion. The creation of the Solid Waste Utility will reduce that increase that by $62. City Administrator Nathan Thiel the actual cost of garbage and recycling has not been fully funded with levy dollars.

Last night’s action will see homeowners pay the entire cost, instead of seeing a portion subsidized by property taxpayers who do not benefit from the service. Thiel notes that homeowners with high valued properties would benefit from the move to a garbage and recycling solid waste utility by paying a flat fee that which is lower than what they would pay in property taxes.

Meanwhile, taxpayers with a home valued below $145-thousand dollars would carry a greater burden of the cost with the flat fee without seeing equivalent savings in a lower tax bill. All commercial properties across the board would see a reduction in overall taxes. The tax levy will be reduced by $500-thousand dollars. A public hearing on the 2023 budget is slated for November 21.