Beaver Dam Council Approves Downtown Delinquent Property Purchase

11/6/17 – The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night approved the purchase of land in the downtown redevelopment district. The parcels along South Center Street at Ryan Cantafio’s Way have delinquent property taxes due. Dodge County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Nass says with last night’s action by the city council, the county will now begin process of acquiring the property in a process similar to foreclosure. The properties have just over $200-thousand dollars in unpaid property taxes, fees, penalties and interest but the county has agreed to recoup the property tax amount which is just over $100-thousand dollars. Mayor Becky Glewen says it is in the best interest of the city to maintain control of the property, even though there is not a specific plan in place. The money to purchase the land will be borrowed and paid back with revenue from TIF District 6. The matter now goes to the Dodge County Board’s Taxation Committee with a vote by the county board anticipated next month.