Beaver Dam Could Host Patriot Tour During Milestone Dates

(Beaver Dam) Even though Beaver Dam will not be the site of the official departure or arrival of the Patriot Tour this year, the city could host the national fundraiser during milestone dates. In October, the Wisconsin-based non-profit Nation of Patriots announced the hosting of the Patriot Tour launch and homecoming celebrations will be given to other states around the country going forward. The 2020 Patriot Tour will depart and arrive from Scottsdale, Arizona.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Organizer Brad Weber said the reason for selecting a different site is to recognize locations that raised the most money during the previous year’s tour. Weber says it is his expectation that Beaver Dam will host the launch and arrival of the Patriot Tour during their fifteen, twenty or twenty-five year anniversary. However, he notes if Beaver Dam is the highest grossing stop in 2020 the city would host the official send off and return of the 2021 Patriot Tour.

Weber says they are hoping to raise $300-thousand dollars during the 2020 campaign. Last year, Nation of Patriots eclipsed the $1-million-dollar mark in funds collected for veterans throughout their first ten years.

A fundraiser for the Nation of Patriots, organized by Schoenberger Racing, will be held on Saturday, February 1 at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam starting at noon.