Beaver Dam Common Council Mulling Increase For Position Of Mayor

(Beaver Dam) An increase for the position of Beaver Dam mayor starting with the next term narrowly made it out of committee this week. The last mayoral raise occurred in April of 2014 when it went from $55-thousand to $60-thosuand dollars. The increase that is headed to the common council next month would raise the salary to $67-thousand dollars in April of 2020 followed by a one-percent hike in each of the next two years. By the end of the mayor’s next three-year term the salary would be $68,347. Alderpersons Mick Fischer and Ken Anderson voted against the increase saying that people should run for office out of a sense of civic duty, not the salary. Alderpersons Kevin Burnett and Jaci Shelton say a competitive salary is necessary to attract quality officials.