Beaver Dam Common Council To Consider Raise For City Attorney

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council will consider giving the city attorney a raise at their meeting Monday night. Maryann Schacht currently receives $7689-per month to provide legal services for the city. With the recent retirement of a long-time department head, Schact is taking on additional human resource matters and some other responsibilities. She is asking the city for $11,022-per month until the end of the year, retroactive to June 1. That translates to $3333 more per month and $23,331 through December 31. Mayor Becky Glewen discussed the plan with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment.

Glewen is hoping to restructure city government by adding the position of full-time City Administrator and reducing the role of mayor from full-time to part-time. Her plan was sidetracked by the unexpected retirement of Director of Administration John Somers in April. There are no plans to hire another Director of Administration. Instead a Finance Director was hired, inheriting all of Somers responsibilities with the exception of personnel matters. Schact’s office is now handling that.

Glewen says she would like to have a new City Administrator in place by the end of the year. The plan would then be to reduce the City Attorney’s position to part-time, resulting in significant savings. That money, combined with dollars generated by the reduction in the mayor’s salary and elimination of the Director of Administration position, she says would pay for the new City Administrator. The next step is to get the city council on board. The item will be discussed in committee on Monday and is on the full common council agenda later in the evening.


Listen to Glewen on WBEV’s Community Comment:


Pictured left to right: Former Director of Administration John Somers, Mayor Becky Glewen, City Attorney Maryann Schacht