Beaver Dam City Attorney Gives Update On Noise Ordinance

12/7/17 – City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht gave officials an update this week on the noise ordinance she is drafting. The issue came up after a group of residents upset with loud music from events and taverns demanded that the ordinance be bolstered. Schacht says she has been meeting with city attorneys from local municipalities to discuss their noise ordinances. She also sent out a survey to police officers, bar owners and elected officials seeking what they would like to see in an ordinance. Of the 13 responses she has received so far, nine have come from police officers, two from city officials and one from a tavern owner. Schacht says there seems to be consistent support for setting specific times during the overnight as quiet hours. She told the city’s Administrative Committee that the feedback she has gotten from her colleagues has been to avoid setting a specific threshold for decibel levels because it is difficult to enforce. Haskell Street resident Shaun Hilliard has been leading the effort to tighten up the ordinance. Hilliard agrees that times are important but says it is equally important to set decibel levels. Hilliard has also been critical of the city’s narrow scope in gathering survey’s. Schact indicated in this week’s meeting that the general public may be invited to take the survey at an unspecified point in the process.