Beaver Dam Citizen, Business Of The Year Nomination Deadline Friday

11/1/17 – Friday is the deadline to nominate a local business, citizen and non-profit organization for the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce yearly recognition Banquet. The chamber will base their 2018 Business of the Year selection on customer service, employee / management volunteerism, charitable contributions and other investments in the community, along with other industry awards that have been earned.  This past year, Northwood Paper Converting was honored.  For Citizen of the Year nominations, the chamber will consider volunteerism, civic involvement and charitable contributions.  This year’s winner was Bev Beal-Loeck.  The Non-Profit of the Year is judged based on the organizations general impact on the community, preferably over the course of a long period of time rather than the recent past, and by other awards and recognitions that the organization has received.  Green Valley Enterprises was honored this year.  The 2018 selections will be announced in December. Nomination forms are due Friday and are available at the chamber offices on South Spring Street or at