Beaver Dam Charged With Stealing Jewelry

6/30/17 – A Beaver Dam man has been charged for breaking into a house within city limits to steal jewelry. Travis Cotten is facing felony Burglary as well as Possessing a Firearm as a Convicted Felon. In March, Dodge County Sherriff Deputies were dispatched to a residence along County Trunk Highway G after alarms were setoff. They noticed two sets of tracks outside, jewelry scattered on the floor of the home, and the top drawer of a jewelry box missing. Once the home owners returned from out of state they told investigators that close to over $3,000 dollars in jewelry was missing. In June, a tip was made to police that Cotten and another individual used their truck for the burglary. According to the criminal complaint, Cotten said that his associate wanted a ride to a friend’s house and that when they arrived that person got out of the vehicle and broke into the house. The 29-yeard-old allegedly said he never got out the car during the incident. When police questioned the second individual he reportedly said Cotten was the person who broke in and when the alarms went off they panicked. If convicted, Cotten faces over 22 years in prison. Cash bond was set at $1,000 dollars and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6th.