Beaver Dam Chamber Supports Blue Zones

4/17/17 – The Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce has thrown their support behind the Blue Zones Project. The chamber’s board of directors cast that vote at a recent meeting. In a statement from Chamber officials, they say the Blue Zones Project is a mechanism providing these Dodge County communities the ability to chart public policy, secure organizational support and promote individual initiative to create healthier cities and more active citizens. The regional health initiative brings together local volunteers with health experts from around the country to implement a series of strategies modeled after parts of the world where people live to age 100 at rates ten times greater than the national average. That could mean anything from a healthy check-out lane at the grocery store to a walking or biking trail to cooking classes. Blue Zones Project draws upon more than 200 evidence-based practices to help restaurants, schools, churches, grocery stores, and worksites make sustainable changes that encourage healthier choices.