Beaver Dam Chamber President Weighs In On Foxconn

8/2/17 – Wisconsin’s $3-billion tax incentive package for Foxconn will be up for a public hearing Thursday at the State Capitol. The Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy will hold the hearing at 1:30pm with invited speakers followed by the general public. The hearing is expected to last about three hours. The Foxconn bill includes numerous tax breaks for the Taiwanese technology firm for up to 15 years, a loosening of environmental restrictions for the L-C-D screen plant and $252-million to complete Interstate-94 close to where the factory would be located in Racine or Kenosha counties. Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce President Phil Fritsche discussed the news with us yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment. Fritsche, who also sits on the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Board of Directors, says the plant could draw in workers from Illinois. He says disarray in the state government and astronomical tax hikes have contributed to a mass exodus from the state. Fritsche says that not all surrounding businesses are excited for Foxconn. He says some corporations, which are desperately trying to find employees, are having a hard time with the idea that the state is trying to lure another 13,000 jobs. Fritsche says the project in general will have a net gain for Wisconsin and other industries will benefit by aiding in its development. The jobs committee could vote on the tax incentive package as early as next Thursday, with Assembly action later in the month.