Beaver Dam Chamber Hosts Tourism Specialist

5/2/17 – National Travel and Tourism Week starts on Sunday and the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce got an early start with a luncheon yesterday to highlight the industry. Andrew Nussbaum, a Regional Tourism Specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, spoke at the event. Nussbaum says that other states are spending millions of dollars to make sure that when Wisconsinites vacation they do it somewhere other than the Badger State. He adds that in order to change that Wisconsin needs to embrace its identity. Nussbaum says that Wisconsinites are fun, wacky, and go to football games in below zero temperatures with no shirts on. Noting that is our attitude and people see that around the world. This Friday, the 2016 tourism numbers will be released. Nussbaum says that more information will be made available then but mentions the numbers are have grown when it comes to the state and to Dodge County.