Beaver Dam Authorities Remind Motorists To Keep An Eye Out For Deer

(Beaver Dam) Motorists are being reminded to keep a watchful eye out for deer as they traverse Dodge County. Deer crash numbers typically increase in May and June in Wisconsin as does look for places to give birth and young deer sperate from their mothers. Beaver Dam Police Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson says be careful while behind the wheel. 

“Because deer are out there…they’re not paying attention…they have their biological needs taking over…they’re all over the place right now,” says Johnson. 

Johnson says there is a specific time of day that deer sightings are more likely. 

“They like to come out in the civil twilight and dawn timeframe…so, right before the sun comes up and right after the sun goes down,” says Johnson. “Be on the lookout. They’re out there feeding…they’re out there running around and in large groups too. So, please be careful…slow down, especially on those county roads.” 

Drivers are encouraged to use their headlights as daylight transitions to dusk and deer become more difficult to see. The lieutenant adds that the likelihood of running into a deer on Beaver Dam streets is not high but there are occasional reports of a vehicle versus deer accident within the city. He says it is more common near parks and wooded areas.  

There were more than 16-thousand crashes involving deer in Wisconsin last year. Preliminary numbers show five people were killed and more than 500 were hurt.