Beaver Dam Aldermanic Candidates Discuss Noise Ordinance

(Beaver Dam) The two aldermanic candidates for Ward 12 in Beaver Dam shared their opinions on possible changes to the city’s noise ordinance when they were our guests recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. The issue came up last fall when a group of residents voiced their concerns with the loud music coming from local bars and other community events. Opponents believe the ordinance would have a negative impact on business. An attempt to set quite hours between 10pm and 6am was unsuccessful.

Incumbent Dan Doyle says equal ground must be found. He says businesses must have a reasonable amount of time to offer entertainment to residents and noted that 11pm does seem rational. Doyle says work on the ordinance is still ongoing.

Former Ward 12 alderperson Dona Maly says more details need to come to light before a decision can be made. She says residents do expect quite time around 10pm which does not happen currently. Maly says many discussions still need to be had before a final vote.

The Beaver Dam Administrative Committee voted earlier this month to table the ordinance but it is expected to be brought back for discussion at future meetings. Beaver Dam Police say as a matter of policy they have been enforcing an 11pm deadline for loud music.