Beaver Dam To Address More Street Repairs In Neighboring Townships

(Beaver Dam) The city of Beaver Dam will be able to address more street repairs now that neighboring townships have indicated that they will help contribute to water rescue equipment. The city Operations Committee last night approved changes to the street portion of their five-year borrowing plan. The proposed Capital Improvements Plan, or CIP, maps out projects over five years while locking-in spending for the upcoming year. In the CIP for 2017, road project funding is $57-thousand dollars higher than when first proposed at $684-thousand dollars. City officials had originally planned on borrowing $225-thousand dollars for water rescue equipment for the fire department. As part of negotiations for a new three-year contract, the townships for the first time agreed to fund a total of $50-thousand dollars of the cost. City Director of Facilities Ritchie Piltz says that freed up more money for general concrete street rehabilitation with $184-thousand dollars-worth of work planned now, an increase of 14-thousand dollars. Other cost projections were revised upward, including this year’s concrete reconstruction of West Mackie Street behind the middle school along with a mill and overlay of North Lincoln Avenue.  That was not the only change from when the borrowing plan was introduced late last year. The Operations Committee last night also moved a $150-thousand-dollar elevated walkway to Edgewater Park from this year to next year. Meanwhile, the $44-thousand dollar resurfacing of the tennis courts at Lincoln Park were moved up from 2018 to this year. Other road work being funded this year includes: $55-thousand dollars to sealcoat various streets and $64-thousand dollars to repave the library parking lot. The CIP is working its way through committee and a final vote on the borrowing is anticipated next month.