BDUSD Will Move To Temporary Virtual Learning Following Christmas Break

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School District will once again temporarily move to virtual learning for one week following the Christmas break. The school board Monday night approved a recommendation from Superintendent Mark DiStefano to suspend in-person learning at all grade levels beginning on Monday, January 4 with students returning on Monday, January 11. DiStefano says the decision, made in consultation with the Dodge County Health Department, is meant to minimize the overall spread of coronavirus and help maintain staffing levels. He says by allowing a cooling-off period, that could proactively allow symptoms to present themselves from increased interactions over the holiday. The district is operating under a hybrid learning approach in response to COVID-19 with students in grades six through 12 in school two days a week while learning virtually for three days and younger students in school all week. The district will continue with the hybrid approach until the end of the first semester on January 15. The board will consider expanding in-person learning for the second semester during their regular meeting next month. At that time, the board will also consider opening the school grounds once again to outside groups, perhaps as early as February 1.