BDUSD To Offer Online Survey To Students, Staff And Parents

(Beaver Dam) An electronic survey will soon be available for staff, students and parents that will help the Beaver Dam School District with their strategic plan. Last year the district partnered with Slinger-based School Perceptions, which is an independent research firm that specializes in conducting surveys for educational agencies, to develop a survey for all students. The goal was to get a better understanding of their engagement in school, if they participated sports, their thoughts on school culture, among other things. This year, Beaver Dam has expanded the survey to include staff and parents and family members of students. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says moving forward the district will have three different engagement metrics they can use to establish goals, targets and focus areas. Some of the topics for the staff survey will include work environment, compensation and benefits, student achievement and job satisfaction. For the community survey, parents will be asked questions on school specific topics such as communication, engagement, learning and school environment. As well as district related questions including programs and services, life skills and school experience. The district is hoping to have the survey done each year moving forward to be able to compare the data year-over-year. DiStefano says the survey should be available in April with School Perceptions having the results sent back to the district for review sometime in May.