BDUSD Superintendent Discusses Options For Returning To School

(Beaver Dam) Around 75-percent of parents in the Beaver Dam School District say they would be comfortable sending their kids to school this fall with appropriate safety measures in place. That according to a survey which saw roughly 1400 responses. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says around 12-and-a-half-percent of parents said they are reluctant to send their children to school and the remaining undecided.

DiStefano joined us on WBEV’s Community Comment Monday to discuss the Department of Public Instruction’s plan for students to return to school this fall. The 87-page Education Forward plan released last week is described as a “guidance document” for local school leaders to use as they make decisions. The plan outlines several possible scenarios for local school boards to consider, to allow for greater physical distancing. That could include a four-day week where buildings are deep-cleaned on a fifth day. Also outlined is a two-day rotation, and a weekly rotation, where students are given the instructions in-person for virtual work assignments.

DiStefano says the reality is that there are going to be cases in schools, but the plans local school boards put in place are intended to minimize any impact. That could include all Kindergarten through 12th grade students staying together in the same groups and classrooms with rotating teachers. The state Education Forward plan outlines scenarios for school boards to consider and implement.

The Beaver Dam School Board will vote on the district’s plan at their July 13 meeting.

Listen to our conversation with DiStefano here: