BDUSD Superintendent Discusses Back To School Options On WBEV

(Beaver Dam) The decision to hold school in person or online in Beaver Dam will be made in a way similar to a snow day. The Beaver Dam School Board adopted a return to school plan this week with multiple options based on CDC and local county public health guidelines.

For example, if there is low coronavirus activity in the county, there could be in-person learning at all grade levels. Conversely, with high levels of infections, school could become virtual-based only, or there would be a heavily modified schedule of virtual learning and in-person learning with masks required. A more middle of the road approach would see a mixture of virtual and in-person learning options, with limited student movement and masks required during bussing and transition times.

Superintendent Mark DiStefano discussed the decision-making process on how to hold school when he joined us this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says timing will be key along with the realities in the community as it relates to public health. If trends move upward or downward sharply and there is a regular board meeting within a reasonable time frame, he says it would make sense to speak with the board to talk through the decision.

But DiStefano cautions that the school board may not be able to meet in a timely fashion. He says with the plan that was approved on Monday, he has the ability to make the decision in a manner similar to a snow day or other emergency. He says it’s an “either or situation” that depends on the necessity for timeliness and-or urgency. Parents will be given an option of in-school or virtual learning, which the district is hoping to finalize by early next month.