BDUSD: Parking Lot Paving On Tight Deadline

8/3/17 – Officials at the Beaver Dam High School hope to have a paved parking lot in place by the football teams first home game on August 18. The campus is seeing an upgrade that is part of a $49-million-dollar referendum approved by voters in November. Director of Human Resources Mark DiStefano gave an update on the parking lots tight deadline while giving the school board a tour of the grounds this week.  He says the plan is to be ready for cars in the next two weeks though there is a contingency plan in place. A decision to implement the contingency plan would be made in the next week to ten days. Recent rains hampered efforts to start on the lot earlier but DiStefano says the general contractor is pushing hard to get the paving completed. He says the contractor is optimistic about the timeline and so too are district officials. The west parking lot is being built where a small driveway and baseball diamond had previously been located. DiStefano says the west lot will have an interim use this year until the larger east parking lot is complete next year. When the project is done, the west and east lots will be flipped with the west lot ultimately becoming a staff parking lot and the east lot becoming the primary parking location for students and events. Entry to HH Derleth Field will eventually be moved to the northeast end of the field near Moraine Park Technical College. Until the project is complete next year, DiStefano says student and staff parking will be a challenge that will require a little bit of walking. He says street adjacent parking will be utilized as will the city lot outside the Family Center, where students already park anyway. As far as access to the auditorium, DiStefano says that will depend on future phasing of the project but as soon as there is availability to open the lots they will be open. However, for the 2017-18 school year, particularly this fall, he says things are going to be tight. Parking spaces will be limited during the construction phase but when the project is complete in 2018 there will be more parking than before the project began.